Limax Maximus, Highlights From Ende Tymes Festival 2014

"This NYC-based duo opened the festival with very heavy gloomy tones that swirled, accelerated, then thundered into galloping rhythms and collisions, only to pull back. Everything grew louder and more immersive, until the audience was left with something impossibly intense: tons of heavy low end growl and hard chirping at the high end, with vocal intimations cutting in and out, pumping bass, and beat chopping. By set's end, the sound suggested someone attempting, with great vigor and limited success, to get the engine of the Great Space Coaster to turn over."
Ray Cummings / Village Voice (USA)


TheUse 'Aunt Joanne's Metaphysics' from Candace Thompson on Vimeo
" As someone who loves the sounds of The Use (Aka Michael Durek) I couldn't have been more delighted to witness his song synched to the cutting of cuticles and the movement of an Euler's Disk-- a toy specifically designed for the purpose of studying the physics of spinning."
Huffington Post (USA)


JOHN 3:16 'Visions of The Hereafter - Visions of Heaven, Hell and Purgatory' (ALRN033)

"...It is hard to truly explain an album such as this in words, as it is honestly an emotional voyage. It is designed to make you feel things and create your own message, rather than ingest the ideas of the artist. It is refreshing to hear music without context. It is a beautiful and moving experience..."
Estelle Washington / Sludge Factory (Australia)

"...Pleasant shivers of New Order and The Cure greet listeners as wave upon wave of rippled 80s riffs swerve through the speakers. On their own, these melodic layers work incredibly well; they produce a feeling of pleasant nostalgia, while wearing a rakish hat..."
Richard Allen / A Closer Listen (USA)


Pas Musique 'Flanked by Women and Pumpkins' (ALRN031)

"...imaginative goofball electronica with good pulsating rhythms, dayglo colours mixed with black gloss paint, and shades of Krautrock elements to boot. Excellent colourful images by Patrick Glassel too..."
Ed Pinsent / The Sound Projector (UK)

"...the most standout production here is the wild electro of “Sonic Sleighride Through Coalmines,” summoning what could be considered early ‘70s or ‘80s sci-fi laser guns and wind blowing to perhaps create the simulation of the event described in its name..."
Ovis Terrell Ross / RegGen Magazine (USA)


Philippe Petit 'Eugénie' (ALRN029)

"...As past work with Lydia Lunch, Eugene Robinson and Cosey Fanni Tutti indicates, partially the relentless movement and alteration here emerges from this fantastic understanding of how to apply collaboration. Situated alongside a contemporary such as Richard Skelton, this contributive, ensemble dynamic combined with minimal orchestration and manipulation is key to the possibilities of Petit’s work. Where Skelton is pastoral, organic and isolated, Petit is electrified and never settled, constantly manipulating and combining with other musicians to create even more diffuse sounds and oblique emotional states..."
Chris Trowell / Foxy Digitalis (USA)


FluiD/JOHN 3:16 'The Pursuit of Salvation' (ALRN024)

"...Troubling ambient lines carried by a Reznor-like piano, insistent volutes of guitar, anaemic rhythmic canvases, combine to produce an aesthetics of the fall, which thrills the listener..."
Sylvain Nicolino / Obskure Magazine (France)

"...The Pursuit of Salvation” is actually a pretty interesting and engaging release that will surely grab your attention and make you dig up more material by the two artists showcased in this release. If you like experimental stuff with a high emphasis on atmosphere, this is a release that you should not miss...."
Dark Emperor / Infernal Masquerade (USA)